KIKI NEWGAIN Ultrasonic & Infrared Hair Care Iron personal care appliances Hair Treament Styler Cold Iron Hair Care Treatment

    KIKI NEWGAIN Ultrasonic & Infrared Hair Care Iron personal care appliances Hair Treament Styler Cold Iron Hair Care Treatment

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    Ultrasonic & Infrared

    Cold Iron Hair Care Treatment (it is not hair straightener,so don't have heating function) 1) Infrared lights and ultrasonic electroplated plate,plate size:90x24mm. 2) Temperature range:approx 40~80oC .
    3) Haircare by cold therapeutics.
    4) Recovers the damaged hair directly.
    5) Restores the hair fiber and its elasticity 6) When 8 LED lights are shining, the iron is in standby mode.
    When 14 LED lights are shining, the iron is in working condition. 7) (Without LCD display) Sleep & safe mode function:the ultrasonic shut off automatically when 2 plates are closed for 10 seconds. 8) (With LCD display) LCD display of timing function,adjustable timer:2s-18s. 9) It's normal to have a slight fever after 10 minutes of continuous use.

    Do you want to know how to use this haircare tools? The details pls look at as below:

    1) Put impurity eliminating protein on the scalp and hair,massage it until foam appears so as to eliminate the impurities.Then rinse clean with mild warm water.
    2) Make the hair about 80% dry with hair dryer
    3) Separate the hair into several parts
    4) For haircare with nutrition, put on haircare cream,Such as negative ion quintessence liquid mixed with negative ion restoring oil-baking cream,some other haircare cream that has abundant nutrition for the hair,etc,then massage it even.for hairdying, put on hairdying treatment cream on the hair,massage it even.
    5) Use the haircare clip to do the hair one part after another about 3-5 times reccommended in the same way as using hairstraighteners until the nutrition or the treatment cream is evenly absorbed.
    6) Rinse the hari clen with mild warm water and dry the hair...
    7) Clean the haircare clip with the plates a little slanting down.

    How to understand the function of the far infrared rays?

    In the hospital doctors use infrared rays to cure the wound with perfect effect and without feeling hurt.Here the infrared rays are used to cure the damaged hair tissue and stimulate the blood recycle of the hair root so that the hair will be kept much healthier with more nutrition.The elemental amino acid is made from ambipolar light of 68000hz(wave length ,680m) and hair horny protein when they are blended, creating new amino-bond so that the hair fiber and its elasticity will be restored , the hair squama gap will be shut again , the cellularity and squama gap will be restored.

    How to understand the function of ultrasonic?

    Water molecular exits in 3 status:solid( below 0degC),liquid (under normal temperature) and gaseity (above 100degC) Magnetic wave vibrating device can gasify the water directly and change the structure of the molecular under normal temperature. With the help of dynamic magnetic vibrating of 36000 times/second,the ultramicro molecular of the water and protein or other nutrition is pushed to penetrate directly into the cortex.

    How to understand the co-working of ultrasonic and far infrared rays?

    With ultrasonic ,the nutrition or pigment are made efficiently absorbed and with the help of far infrared rays, the damaged hair tissue will be recovered directly ,without heating and swelling and with less expansion of hair squama so as to repair the cortex and prevent the hair from forking and being broken,and so that the hair elasticity is enhanced and the nutrition or pigment is fastened.

    Brand story

    Established in 2006, Shenzhen New Gain Import and Export Ltd. (New Gain Industrial Ltd.) is a professional exporter specialized in beauty and personal care products. Our product platform -- KiKi Beauty World covers six product series, including Hairdressing and Grooming Series, Skin Care and Nail Art Series, Massager Series, Hair and Beauty Salon Accessories, Hair and Beauty Salon Equipment and Hair and Beauty Salon Furniture.This logo is similar to the registered trademark name "KIKI" in form, in which "K" looks like a hair clipper cutting the hair, and "i" looks like a wisp of girl's hair, the vivid combination symbolizes that the products are mainly focused on the field of hairdressing and beauty. "NEW GAIN" is the name of our company, which adopts intuitive and catchy expression, and the font is in thick and steady "EARTH NORMA", which is endowed with a sense of honesty and reliability, symbolizing the principle of steady reliability and honesty foremost. This logo adopts conspicuous white and steady black fonts, with fashionable and dynamic red background and noble and magnificent golden frame; the entire combination not only contains traditional Chinese cultural elements (colors of red and gold), but also possesses the fashionable and energetic graceful bearing, symbolizing to pursue fashion and innovation under the premise of steady development.

    Our strength

    4000 Square meters;70 Employees, 3 research personnel;2000~3000pcs of daily capacity

    Our quanlity

    100% quality control and inspection ;Competitive price, professional service.

    Our Certificate


    Brand NameKIKI NEWGAIN
    Min. temperatureLess Than 80 °C
    Max. temperature160 °C
    Applicable hairDry & wet
    Commodity Quality CertificationUL
    Commodity Quality Certificationce
    Temperature ControllerDigital
    Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode360° Rotatable
    Item TypeIron
    Model NumberC20-HS032
    Dimensions Of Heating Plate90x24mm
    Service life of thermal plate/bar5,000-10,000 times
    Voltage100-240v (Dual voltage)
    Power SourceElectric
    Thermostat Adjustment Segments1
    Material of thermal plate/barAluminum
    Diameter of thermal conductor21-30 mm
    Optimal styling timeLess than 1 min.
    Temperature range40~80 degree Celsius
    Plug standardEuro